Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fuzzy cuteness

These are two shots from a recent wedding. The boys was a ring "burrier". I took the photos with my Iphone-not as good as my camera.
The boy took this one.
I will be heading off to Dallas on Friday to take a wonderful class from Tim Holtz and Cheryl Darrow at 10 second studios. My dear mommy is going with me and we will be visiting my favorite aunties and I hear even my cuzin will be there!!! so excited!
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mjr1066 said...

Robin will be there too!

Kim said...

What a darling picture of the boy!!! So handsome!

Life According to Me said...

I'm in the Sunday morning class, which one are you in? I'm pretty excited!

cstoler said...

Have fun and I will be looking forward to your showing me the great stuff you did.