Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter weekend

This is the boy being his coolest self on our floating ski thing a majig. I am sure there is an official name but since the hubband doesn't read or write this blog-thing a majig will suffice. Friday we were out of school so off to the lake we went. My first time on the boat.
This is the boy riding the aforementioned thing a majig. He wiped out on the second ride and major drama ensued. He did a great job and no one saw the nail prints I made on the chair while watching him bounce on the waves (kidding....?)
The traditional Easter photo just outside of the house. Doesn't he look cute!!??
Desserts at my moms. Yummers. Rice krispie treats (made by me), mimi's best chocolate chip oatmeal and my coconut cake. We hit both parents and enjoyed the Easter traditions.
I took today off for recovery-I was suddenly hit with a major allergy eye problem and stomach problems. Random.
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Chris said...

Re the ski thing...I learned a long time ago, don't look. When I took the kids to the park, I always took a book so I wouldn't watch. Too scary. The pic of PJ by the tree looks like he's grown at least a foot since I last saw him. Quit feeding him fertilizer!