Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's beginning to look at lot like... or on the road again

I thought I would share a fun project. The hubband asked me to make something for his sister that used photos of the boy from this year. Calendar?? I wanted to re-purpose something so I had two empty spice containers that came in a set. I cleaned them out, created a label for the top and bottom, ribboned the sides and voila-super cute container!!
I then printed small photos from this year-one for each month. Archivers used to carry this very adorable paper kit for calendars and I scooped up an extra when it went half off. Everything was already coordinated-love that!!
So, you see, all 12 months are represented and I pasted a small monthly calendar on the back of each for that month.
In other news... I worked hard to get out more than 60 Christmas cards last week. Yesterday this was in my box. It is hard to see but it is the back flap of one of my envelopes. The top white sheet is a letter from the post office telling me they are sorry but their machines ate my card. So, one card is not going out. The problem is, I don't know which one it is-all I got back was the return address and I know where I live!!
This is Christmas. All piled into a very large luggage rack that will soon be strapped to the top of our car. Tomorrow we leave for Branson. We will stop in Little Rock to see Lennie and Tommy and get some sleep on a long ride. I hear I will be driving and we are hauling a U-Haul as well so say a little prayer!!
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cstoler said...

Very cute project. So clever. Have a safe trip and happy holiday.