Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's good in your world?

A final shot of the fearsome foursome. I can't believe I got a shot with them all still and together. Jenn and the kids have gone to her moms. No power there yet. I sure do love those kids and my best bud Jenn.
One good thing in my world-I signed up for these free cooking classes at Williams Sonoma. Today was comfort foods and we made many things, one being shepherd's' pie. This jar of yummyness is the base for the dish. You can smell how good it is when you open it up.
Imagine hamburger, veggies and sauce on the bottom and mashed potatoes on the top-can anyone say Fall??!! Made it tonight and after the shock of actually having to eat peas, the boy enjoyed a plate.
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Jen said...

Wish I had been there! I wouldn't have even complained about having to eat peas. Got our power back on tonight, but still had frozen pizza for supper. How long does it take to restock a completely empty frig/freezer?

cstoler said...

Eye popping colors. You have been busy. It is good to change things up a bit don't ya think? We must crop soon.