Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's good in your world?

Here is what is good in mine. The boy is in FIRST GRADE. Please all gasp with me. He is literally 1/2 a head away from being my height and has passed me up in shoe size. He was just as excited to take this photo as I was. He kept saying it had to be in front of the fireplace because we "always" take it there. He has a new teacher (new to him, the school) and I have been pretty pleased so far. He is reading each night in Spanish and understand what he is reading.
There are so many daily things that I think "I should take a photo of this" but am busy carting laundry, doing dishes or just busy with something else. I took the time to snap a quick shot of the boy who plays football as he watches it. It is so funny because he in COMPLETELY involved in the game and relays important info. to me during commercials (I pretend to care who was intercepted).
Today I walked into a clean home (thanks cleaning lady!) and opened mail. I found a package from June and a CD from my trip to Park City this summer. Double bonus!!
Lastly, I borrowed a Heidi Swapp book from June. I copied one project from the book that I wanted to make. I have been gathering and thinking about this for weeks! I did the lion's share tonight but I have some typing to do tomorrow. I am happy with how it turned out. This is going to be gift for a friend and has served as a template for another one I want to make.
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