Saturday, July 12, 2008

What did I do this weekend?? hmm. Well it's 10:00 pm on Saturday and every stitch of clothing in this house is cleaned and folded. I am packed for a week long trip to Park City and the boy is packed for both sets of grandparents and I have successfully moved the TIVO to the bedroom and a newly replaced DVR into the living room. Now, that I write it all out, it does seem like a lot for today alone. Friday, the hubband took me and the boy to dinner (my pick-Grand Luxe-yum!!) and to the movie (the boy's pick-Wall.E-cute with a message).
I am a bit sad knowing I missed seeing Carol and Co. tonight at Archivers. I have recently taken over our IPOD that was "ours" but was really used only for tailgating. I have successfully downloaded a workout list and tonight, downloaded a book (yeah mi-mi a whole book) and a movie. Technology is just amazing. I hate packing (the laundry-yeck) but love the adventure of getting on an airplane with a new book (and digital book and digital movie!) and just luxur-i-ating in the unassigned time.
Anywhoo, I am taking my laptop with me and may be able to post from the road. See ya!!

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cstoler said...

Missed seeing you. Next time. Have a great trip.