Sunday, May 18, 2008

Week/weekend in review

Hi all.
Wednesday evening I head down San Antonio way. I went to a conference on the neurobiology of girls. It was really fascinating. Although it was focusing on girls there was a ton of great info. that applied to everyone. I was able to stay with my favorite girl June and her charming Dad. We had a wonderful time and I kept her up late every night visiting. I kept thinking about taking photos but I just enjoyed the time together and never broke out the camera. We ate at the Magnolia Pancake Haus and it was out of this world!! It is a "gotta go" destination but get there early if you don't want to wait. We also went to the movies and saw What happens in Vegas. So fun!
Saturday, I left and headed to Conroe to check in on mom. She has had shoulder surgery and is trying to recover. My aunt Barb. is here so I am really in heaven-getting to see 2 wonderful people at the same time.

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