Monday, May 26, 2008

"Mom, this weekend feels so long"

This was such a rich and full weekend/break. Friday, as mentioned, we went to Conroe. I had a whole big bed to myself and was able to sleep in-yummy. The hubband had got up at the crack and began powerwashing the deck. That took all day. Sunday he stained the deck and that really took all day. I got in a quick trip to the Woodlands Mall and found the perfect outfit for an upcoming fun night out. Sunday evening we headed home. A friend called and wanted to bring her little ones over. Although I wanted the whole day to myself, in retrospect it was exactly what I needed to do. It forced me to get up early and clean the house (really just put things away) and get the most important things done early. The friends came over and we enjoyed the pool. The boy was so pooped this afternoon that he actually fell asleep with his head in his hands!! We all were kissed by the sun and ended the visit with a snow cone. Goodbye Fall hello Summer!!

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