Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life is good

Has it been a week since I posted? Two?? Days and hours are all running together. We are on that run away train which can only be described as "end of school year". This weekend has been interesting to say the least. Friday, I just could not seem to get away from work at a decent time-lost of loose ends I wanted to tie up. The sweet hubband wanted to drop his man-jeep to get some things fixed. We ended up heading out around 7ish. On the way, he called and said, "why don't we drop by the Coach outlet and get the purse you wanted for Mother's Day" needless to say, I was instantly perky and ready!! I couldn't find the one I wanted to I found 2 that were half what I would have paid for the one. We headed out and went onto Hempstead to the Jeep place and then into the night back home. I could not get to the pillow fast enough!
Today, I had a wedding to attend. I rode with a friend and we completely missed the ceremony as we could not find the church. It was on the other side of town. We were not alone-another co-worker was also lost so we just grabbed some brunch instead. Once home and changed out of the wedding duds, we headed out to grocery shop. We all three went and that is very unusual. We hit Whole Foods and Fiesta. The perfect match. Then home and the hubband did a mini fish fry. He is on a kick. It is outside and makes little mess so I say-get after it. I do have to say that as we are trying to eat healthy, I can't do much fried. Tonight he did a bit of zucchini for me but I had a handful and that was all I wanted.
The hubband has done a tremendous amount of work in the yard and I have a new bed on the side of the house with some lovely honey suckle.
Have a great Sunday!!!

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Junie June said...

that sounds like a very nice weekend. friends and family - all good things.