Sunday, January 27, 2008


Where does the weekend go? Friday, we went to eat at Escalantes and then home. I went over to Archivers early on Saturday morning and was able to use a coupon I had. Saturday night I went over to Kim's to surprise her for a belated birthday. It was incredibly sweet of Carlos to arrange a party for her-you could see the love he has for her-sweet. I went home to check on the boys-the hubband had moved from cold to sinus infection. My friend Natalie ended up coming over to scrap around 10 and we stayed up until 2 am. That is nuts!! So I slept until almost 12 and have had a lazy Sunday.
Tomorrow at 2 I have a meeting I am dreading. Can you send a prayer for strength my way? Thanks girls!

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cstoler said...

I am sending positive happenings your way. It was so good seeing you and you were looking hot especially since you have been sick. You must be working on losing cause you sure look like it.