Sunday, September 9, 2007


You just never know what a weekend will bring. I have to admit I had a poor attitude about the coming weekend. I knew I had to work on Saturday and then I thought I had additional obligations. I knew we had a game on Sunday and I could see the weekends' end before it began. How wrong I was. They boys were gone Friday. My mother-in-law broke her leg and had an operation so they went out there to entertain and make sure all was well in the sticks. I was able to get a sink full of dishes that were way past due. The training forced me to get up early and I was able to print out some photos and get them into the album. I ended up getting into a cooking frenzy Sat. pm as I need to drop off meals to several people. The boys returned that evening and I was able to steal lots of cuddles and hugs which is rare from the youngest boy. Sunday I got quality time with him again as the hubband took a well deserved sleep in. We headed out to the game and we won!!!!! That always improves my attitude about attending. The hubband has gone to work and I am blessed with a few hours to clean, piddle and organize. I love unassigned time that allows me to get things put away and organized. There are MANY things I should and could do, but I did what worked for me and that feels good.
Everyone have a great week!!!
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