Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Holy .....

It is really a crazy weeek when I can't find time to blog!! It is only Tuesday evening and I am just running crazy and on fumes. Here is a project I have been trying to experiment with this week. I saw an aquaintance once create this advent calendar using a muffin tray and magnetized craft squares. I still have to embelish but I am happy with my first try.
Today I was not able to keep an offer of help I extended and it is bothering me. Sometimes work creates its own schedule and I dislike when outside sources create changes-the way of the world I guess.
Also... I received a message from Jennifer Stewart!!! Wowza-so excited. I am excited to meet her and I am seeing all of the kewl projects on Donna's blog.
It seems that all of my friends have exciting things shaking. SOOO proud of you Carol!!
June Bug is getting her sexy, I mean scrap room back. Kimmy-hope the doctor visit went well!!
Mechiel out.
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Life According to Me said...

Sweet I love it. What are you hiding in the Muffin Holes?...there's one for Merry's tihngs that sound dirty but arn't page LOL!