Thursday, August 2, 2007

One never knows where influence may come from. For the love of Donna and Carol, I am playing the ABC game.

August 1=Aggravating, aaahhh and alright already!!!
I have 4 appliances on the fritz yesterday and 4 repairmen to fix them all. I missed most of a day of work but now I have a new appreciation for air conditioning and clean clothes and dishes.

August 2= Busy, boys, and brownie
I had a busy productive day, both boys are here and watching TV and brownie cause I would love to have one right now!!

August 3= Calm, crop and cha-ching
Calm cause I have very little to do tomorrow and because our house is in order so it feels calm to be here. Crop cause it's Friday baby!! and cha-ching cause we have been spending more than usual getting ready for school and I hear that noise every time I open my wallet.

Two funnies-
The boy saw the series of cars and police escorts drive by on the day that Marvin Zindler died. I am waiting for the long conversation about death as this topic interests the boy tremendously. He says, "Mom, when they put the basket in the back of the car, do they have to lay down the seats?" I was glad to talk mechanics than theology.

The boy likes to play with my handheld PDA. I usually put on jawbreaker which is a game where you try to line up as many balls with the same color for points until they are all gone. He notices the Solitaire game and asks to play. I tell him he is too young. He asks every time he gets it for a week. On Sunday, I sit with him while we wait for food and tell him each move to make so he will see how hard it is and loose interest. On Monday he asks to play again and I say, "Ok, but no complaining or whining. It is very hard." He WINS solitaire all by himself!!! He does all the cards correctly and then puts them back in their home!!!! I am a pretty decent card player and I have never won on that handheld. I took a photo to remember. I will post it soon. Paw-paw, it must be in the blood!!!

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