Thursday, July 5, 2007

Contest stretch

I think everyone should stretch themsleves and in lots of ways. Since my 20's I have been a bit of a goal setter. They may not be big goals, but even small things can be exciting.

Case in point: I have wanted to enter a scrap contest but usually realize early on I cannot meet the deadline. When I saw Scrap Scenes' totally transparent contest, I had to jump at the chance. I have been working several hours each night and today I entered!! I probably won't win (there are soooo many creative and talented artisits out there) but I feel good just entering. Here is my entry:
You can click on the image and see the inside pages.


Junie June said...

Simply Amazing. I love it. You stretch me everytime you do something like this. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. Junie June

cstoler said...

I love the way it came out. You just inspire me. Thanks.

BYW-can you send me the link to that site, I really can't find it. LOL