Friday, June 29, 2007

Da Weekend

This was a great beginning to a great weekend and whirlwind week. Tonight the nuts were at the village. It is always great fun to scrap with those you love. Leann even dropped in so we could see her. I am glad that the girls are coming over Tuesday. Maybe we can even hunt down Reagan and get her over.
I was able to create an Ana Griffin kit and then began another one. It was fun to complete something. I will post photos soon.
Tomorrow I think I will be in Cy-Fair with Nat for a while and then over to the Empanada House for the grand opening. Then, in the evening over to Mi-Mi's house to drop the boy with his cousins.
I am even looking forward to the week. Monday and Tuesday getting my mess in order and Tuesday having the girls over and then the rest of the week off!! HAaalelujah-can you hear that??!!

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cstoler said...

I heard loud and clear and am right there with you. Did I tell you today is Friday with a very long weekend ahead. Oh what a beautiful thing it is:)