Sunday, May 6, 2007

The good stuff

I used to hate weekends at home. I am a go-go-go girl. I love nothing better than to be out exploring, shopping, driving and tasting life. Maybe it is the advent of 40, maybe it is the realization that our jobs suck the life right out of us or maybe we are in love with our boy who grows too fast each day. Maybe its all three, but I love weekends at home! The boy and his daddy put together a boat he receive for Christmas. It was given a very good girls name and then sent into the swimming pools with 2 boys. I was doing the dishes during the put together time and I was loving the conversation that my hubband was thoughtfully having with his son as he put the boat together. We have lots of rushed conversations with him and at him throughout the week. I had to capture this very special moment.
The good stuff.

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Plastic said...

Moments like those are a treasure