Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cosmic Misalignment

Here in San Diego for work. I flew in with a big group but we were in different sections of the plane. It was PACKED. I sat next to a guy who kept adjusting his arm and sleeve as if to indicate that I was in his space. We both had knit shirts on and every time he would move his arm (that would be every 4 seconds) my shirt sleeve would want to go with his. We were both in our own space with the little divider arm in between but somehow, this guy felt I was in his space. I kept praying he would turn into my little sister so I could push him off the arm rest he took as his own and say MOVE OVER-instead, I just sat there and added this to the long list of reasons I will have a healthier body this year. Here comes the humor..... (you thought I was just complaning right??!!) He began picking his NOSE. You heard me right nose, and I don't mean that sly little is there something in there rub that everyone does.. no .. I mean full finger up the nose and digging. From H town to San Diego is quite a flight. The digging came and went sporadically throughout the entire flight. I ket thinking of funny things to say, scuse me.. does your WIFE know you pick your nose constantly while on planes?? Sir... I may be fat, but I know how to find a tissue!! Poor man, he started making that sinusy sniffing noise and I diagnosed him as having turrets. Gosh it was pretty awful. In cosmic retribution, there was a 2 year old SCREAMING in front of the man most of the flight. I had headphones on watching a movie but Mr. Nose did not-so he got to enjoy that.
Whew! Letting it go.
I was reflecting on this weekend and realized that I had received a gift from every loved one in my life since Friday! Crazy.. Carol thanks for the clear jar, Kim for the manual and challenge, Leann the popcorn, Reagan lots of laughs, June the beautiful plaque and my boys gave me a bag o goodies. I was even able to talk to my mom and tell her that I love her. It is amazing that tie that binds-I am a mom, and I have a mom.. so different and yet the loves are so powerful and so fleeting in the scheme of things.
Speaking of mothers.. Here is the clock I made for my mom and here I am in SD. See ya!


leann said...

hurry back, we miss you already.

Plastic said...

lucky you,
missed you on saturday - long story,
love that freakin hair!!!!!

cstoler said...

Oh yuck. I think I would have been gagging the whole way there.

You are looking good. Enjoy the time away. The water looks amazing.