Saturday, March 10, 2007

The world at the touch of your fingertips

Just sitting here wondering and the wide world of it all-amazing-anywhere you go, the internet is there and available-and fast!
Last night I was cropping and SO in my happy place-surrounded by my pals and creative pipelines. I felt like I literally tore myself away as I would have liked to stay there till the sun rose or the dip ran out and cropped like a mad woman. Thanks Carol for having us!!
Today finds me cussing at myself for not packing, getting to pick up the Mi-mi late and then heading to LA with the Boy and Mi-mi in tow. My days of "are we there yet?" have arrived. Payback is hell. Six hours.... not too horrible but I made LOTS of stops.
Just for my girls-I had the scrap stores scoped out within the first 20 minutes of arriving. Will report more after I hit the local place on Monday.

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