Thursday, February 15, 2007

When somebody loves you

There are times, even in a scrappers life that photos just don't get taken. Last night, I was wishing for my own personal photographer to record the magical night that the hubband and boy prepared but in the light of morning I recognize that in my memories I look much thinner and my hair looks much prettier than they would if I were looking at actual photos.
So precious, those two. I was summed from the bedrooom (waiting area) by the hubband and then escorted to the table by the waiter (the boy). Purple sheets, I mean table cloth under a beautiful display of mexican food. The boy asked me to dance and so we did, in the living room. He twirled me around and I reflected again how grateful I am to be the mother of a boy, to see all the many facets that make a man.
*Sigh* Now back to reality-stacks of paperwork and the boy is already in trouble.

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leann said...

And then there's that bathroom issue.