Friday, February 9, 2007

All your friends are doing it...

Here's to you Ali E.
My creative friends are responding to Miss Edwards challenge to state your manifesto, your overall creative purpose.
I create art whether it is in my job or my kitchen or with photos because I am compeled to. I am one of the few people I know who will own up to being creative. For me, it is like being blonde-there is no hiding it.
The most important part of any scrapbooking project-for me-is whether I can create the message or mood I get when looking at the subject (usually a photo).
My attitude can totally define what happens. I am constantly growing and changing (thank goodness!) I am very aware that I am changing as an artist and I am enjoying the process.
My personal truths related to scrapbooking and creativity are that Stacey Julian is so right about what is really important to scrapbook and that I do creative projects for me. I don't try to impress others or do what I think someone else will like.
Each time I am working on a project I think about the million of little ideas running in my head and am grateful to my Creator for the gift. It cleanses me of stress, it connects me to my mother who is an artist and I am anxious to see what my brain and hands will create.

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